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Volunteer with MBIMB Foundation

The My Body is My Body Programme is a free programme offered to communities to educate parents, teachers, community leaders and children about child abuse prevention. We rely on local NGO’s, Charities, Teachers and Community Groups to share our vital messages. Here are some ideas of what you can do to help share our information.
Newborn Baby for our new MBIMB Course - Navigating the first 6 Months with a newborn
Our New Courses:
1. Safeguarding around the world
2. Preventing bullying online and in person
3. Navigating the first 6 Months with a newborn

Connect with local organisations and community leaders, build relationships and explain the impact of the MBIMB Programme in the communities where it is being used.

Encourage NGO’s and communities to share our Free Courses with their Volunteers to help them understand the adverse and harmful effects that child abuse has in a community.

MBIMB has a “Let’s Start The Conversation” interactive Zoom meeting every 2 months. Please help us to invite people to help share our message. We will also be holding some training sessions that you will be able to invite interested parties.

Please use your social media and other online platforms to promote the volunteer opportunity to help us reach a wider audience. I know many of you share your wonderful work with the children, and we try to make this prominent in our GGAF and MBIMB Ambassador Magazine and in the MBIMB Newsletter this is a very effective way to engage and inspire others.

Please explore our new website where you can download all our free resources.

Here are some links to help you navigate the website:

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Our Free Courses
Our 26 Languages
Our Free Resources
Our Newsletters
Our Wonderful Ambassadors

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