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A history of child safety success

My Body is My Body is an Internationally acclaimed musical body safety program distributed in over 60 countries worldwide.

The History of My Body

The “My Body Is My Body” program was born out of the “Kimberley Project”- here is the story of how it all started.

On June 8th, 1986, in a section of London, England, the life of Kimberley Carlisle aged 4, ended. She weighed 24 pounds, her body was crushed in many places, and there were cigarette burns on her back and a boot heel imprinted on her skull. Her stepfather was charged with the crime and sentenced to 18 years in prison.

At the time Chrissy Sykes who was a popular South African Country Singer was on a stop over in London on her way to the United States of America, where she had been invited to Nashville by the legendary Producer Pete Drake. She kept reading the stories about Kimberley in the newspapers, and having a little girl who was also 4 at the time, this story touched her heart and made a lasting impression. Chrissy wrote the song “Kimberley” on the flight over to the USA.

In early 1989, whilst in Texas, Chrissy was at a dinner party where knowing she was a singer, the hostess asked Chrissy to sing a song. She sat down at the piano and for the first time, played the song “Kimberley” for the guests. Unaware that one of the guests at the dinner was the President of the Texas Child Welfare Board who loved the song, Chrissy was asked if it could be used to raise funds and awareness for Child Abuse in Texas.

Chrissy consented, and later that year, during Child Abuse Prevention Month the Texas Child Welfare Board sold 14,000 records and tapes of the song and raised $70,000.

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The start of the program

Chrissy found audiences to be receptive and open, not only to bringing up the subject of child abuse but learning the problem and how to prevent it. Music being her main mode of communication these presentations stirred her creativity and from her own experiences and those shared with her, she began to write her thoughts through songs and here began the “My Body Is My Body” Program. Working closely with professionals Chrissy put together the program that would go hand in hand with the songs. The program was approved by the Department of Human Services in Texas.

Success across the United States

Chrissy then moved to Tennessee and the Program was referred to the Nashville Coalition On Child Abuse and Neglect by the Department of Human Services and the project became the Coalition’s first Major undertaking.

A research study published in the Journal of Music Therapy which involved children showed that music, and typically group singing activities like the “My Body Is My Body” program found an increase in trust and group cohesiveness and cooperation. In addition, singing and developing music skills ( like learning new songs) relate to increasing a more positive self-concept and development of self-esteem - helping kids feel better about themselves.

The Coalition feels that this program is a valuable instrument in Child Abuse Prevention. We feel that this program can truly make a valuable contribution, not only for child abuse awareness but even more importantly, child abuse prevention…allowing the rare opportunity to make a significant impact in causing a reduction of the number of children being victimised. A problem that up to now has seen a steady increase.

Our mission is to empower children

In a 5 year period Chrissy presented the program to over 350,000 children in Texas, Tennessee, Florida and Virginia, working with Schools, PTAs, Department of Human Services and Department of Education."

An important piece of information came to light when Chrissy was visiting the Tennessee State Prison where some of the inmates were asked - “What would you do if a child said No to you?” the answer was “We would look for another child that did not say No” So, therefore, the answer is to educate as many children as possible to say NO!

Chrissy Sykes


MBIMB Partnered with Rotary International ICC's, Rotary International Zones 21 and 22 and ISPCAN (International Society for the Prevention Of Child Abuse and Neglect)


The MBIMB Foundation partnered with International Organisation


My Body Is My Body now has the program released in 26 Language translations around the world.


We receive the support of the International Society For the Prevention Of Child Abuse and Neglect (ISPCAN).


First My Body is My Body Animated Video Released in English.


Over 350,000 children have been taught in schools.


My Body is My Body Program is developed in Texas, United States.


Our MBIMB Team

Course Preview

Chrissy Sykes

Trustee and Founder

Founder of the MBIMB Foundation, Chrissy is an award-winning singer/songwriter and recording artist, with a career in South Africa and Nashville, USA.
She developed the MBIMB Program in 1989 in conjunction with various Departments of Education and Departments of Human Services in the United States of America. In 2016 Chrissy (now living in the UK) decided to animate the program songs to reach a worldwide audience.

Chrissy currently works with NGO and school volunteers in over 50 Countries who have reached at least 1.5 million children with the programme. Another 1.3 million people have been reached on Youtube. Chrissy spends her time teaching volunteers, school teachers and community leaders how to introduce the subject of child abuse prevention into their communities using the MBIMB Programme.

She is also the Co-Publisher of the Ambassador Magazine which incorporates work from the Global Goodwill Ambassadors and the MBIMB Ambassadors and holds the position of President of Child Welfare for the Global Goodwill Ambassadors.

Antonia Noble

Antonia Noble


During her 25 years as a Barrister, Antonia not only developed a deep understanding of the law but the ability to process and present information logically and clearly. What’s more, it’s what she is passionate about. She cares deeply about justice, fairness and liberty and loves nothing more than helping individuals and organisations find their voice and reach better outcomes. Antonia has extensive experience working in various areas of law, including criminal, employment, human rights, litigation, and data protection.

She has also served as a cabinet member at Gloucestershire County Council for seven years.

Antonia has experience across a number of other public sector bodies including Health and Wellbeing, Joint Commissioning and Safeguarding Adult and Children boards, Cheltenham Development Task Force, and Community Safety Groups.

Antonia writes a whole range of safeguarding related courses including topic specific such as exploitation and modern slavery. These have been approved by CPD Certification and NSPCC, Football Associations, and we are proud to offer our Free Safeguarding Fundamentals Course written by Antonia here on our website.

Dee Russell Thomas

Dee Russell Thomas


With over 30 years of education experience in the UK and overseas, in state and private sector and from infant through to University level, Dee is able to support, advise and provide training in areas of school improvement, planning for inspections, lesson observations and performance management. With specific expertise in "Closing the Gap" for our most vulnerable young people (BME,FSM,CLA) and ensuring equality of opportunity, her approach is non-threatening, based on proven, practical initiatives and successful stories. Dee is also a School Improvement Partner/ Head Teacher appraiser, a trained Ofsted inspector, an evaluator for the Ministry of Education in the Northern Emirates, UAE, an inspector for KHDA/DSIB in Dubai and an inspector/evaluator for British Schools overseas.(Africa and Asia) Her expertise in child protection, safeguarding, care and support and inclusion is supported by her in-depth understanding of causes and effects of abuse. She has researched, written and delivered courses on breaking the silence, self-harm, eating disorders as well as exogenous and endogenous depression and suicide. She has received numerous nominations and awards for her work including Teacher of the Year, National Mentoring Award, Outstanding Contribution to Community Development, Local Heroes Award and Global recognition of her services to Refugees and Asylum Seekers. She has been appointed Deputy Lieutenant of Gloucestershire by the late Queen Elizabeth II. She is UK GGA Chair for Child Welfare, MBIMB Ambassador, Executive Director of UK Global Goodwill Ambassadors and Managing Director of DGRT Educational Consultancy Ltd.

Nick Askew


A thoughtful and compassionate leader who empowers others to lead using their natural passion, strategic communication, and emotional intelligence. Specializes in creating sophisticated software and using automation and AI to reduce expenses and increase performance. Featured on the cover of Auto Dealer Today, I held and excelled at multiple Automotive retail positions, including Sales, F&I, and Sales Manager; with an extensive background in Sales and Marketing. I grew to the position of Digital Director for a 40-store automotive group in Texas before embarking on my own mission... To revolutionize the standard of automotive retail, making buying a car a delightful experience, once and for all.


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Dr.Tufail Muhammad President ISPCAN

.Dr Tufail Muhammad

Advisory Board

Dr. Tufail Muhammad (MD, MCPS, DCH, DCPath) is a paediatrician by profession. Currently, he is the Chairman of the Child Rights & Abuse Committee, Pakistan Pediatric Association and Director of the Regional Training Institute Peshawar. He has postgraduate qualifications and training in Pediatrics, Clinical pathology, public health and Reproductive health.
Dr. Tufail Muhammad has more than 32 years of experience in the field of CAN and Child protection. He has more than 30 research papers to his credit and has presented more than 60 papers at international conferences in several countries worldwide.

Tufail is also currently the Chair Technical Advisory Group on Child Rights, Child and Environment, Asia Pacific Pediatric Association.

He has also co-authored a book (Your amazing baby) on the growth and development of Pakistani infants (published by Save the Children UK

Annemarie Mostert

Advisory Board
Head Of Worldwide Community Outreach

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Nancy Abdelhadi Elbassiouny

Nancy Abdelhadi

Advisory Board
Head of African Development

Nancy has extensive business development, marketing, communications, public relations, event planning and research expertise as well as a rich academic and professional background on regional and international levels.

She also has comprehensive organizational, public relations and management competencies, a proven track record of planning and managing diverse programs and projects and executing complex administrative assignments contributing to the achievement of predefined organizational goals and objectives.


Caroline Flynn


Caroline is the Vice Chair for the BASW England London Branch British Association of Social Workers. Since 2006 Caroline has worked as a Locum Social Worker, Consultant Social Worker, Manager and Child Protection Chair throughout the UK. She has specialised in Family and Child Protection for over ten years and has covered all aspects of Child Care post initial assessment through a period of change and uncertainty. Caroline has worked with several Local Authorities through their restructuring and is aware of the impact this can have on both the children and families, as well as the staffing.

Caroline has developed the very successful LinkIndex Keyring, which uses unique QR codes to give instant access to over 2000 targeted resources and is designed for all agencies that support children, adults and families.

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Dr. John Harrison

Advisory Board as Head Of Education - ASEAN Countries

Dr. John Harrison is an educator par excellence, an alumni of the so called Oxford of India - the prestigious St. Stephen's College, Delhi University, who in his 30 years illustrious career has served in director level positions heading several top international CBSE and IB schools in India, G D Goenka World School - Gurgaon, The Venkateshwar School - Gurgaon, Indus International School - Hyderabad to name a few. Presently serving the Litera Valley School in Patna as it's Director cum Principal/ Founder Director DPS Patna East. His expertise lies in education leadership, administration, governance, community service, unlocking the potential of people and helping them find their purpose in life. He has set up three K-12 schools, 6 play schools and over 100 literacy centres in the villages of Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. He is well known as a humanitarian and polymath. He was a professional model in his college days and is also a Mr. India finalist.

Dr. Darwin Moses

Advisory Board Director of Inclusion and Accessability Services

Disability and Inclusive Development
Professional worked for the empowerment of
people with disabilities for more than 19 years
in the thematic areas of Special Education,
Inclusive Education, Livelihood, Advocacy and
Networking. Worked pan India and
Internationally. Worked will all types of
Organized Paralympic Floor Hockey, Athlete
games and other sports events such as Cricket
for the Blind, Volleyball for the Blind, Chess for
the Blind, Hearing Impaired Cricket, Chess
tournament for the Hearing Impairment,
Physical Disability Volleyball, Physical Disability
Cricket, Wheelchair Cricket, Physical Disability
Kabaddi, Arm Wrestling for the people with
physical disability. Recently organised 1st Ever
Women Blind Cricket tournament and selected
players to repres

David Ellis

Advisory Board Director Of Funding

David has worked in the voluntary sector for over 35 years, both overseas and in the UK. This has involved Director level and Chief Executive appointments with a number of national disability charities.

David has recently retired as the Chief Executive at National Star, a national charity working with and for young people with complex disabilities. He had held this position since 2010, during which time the charity gained ‘Outstanding’ awards from both Ofsted and CQC for the services offered. He also oversaw an increase in the scale of the charity’s service delivery from £14million p.a. to £35million p.a.

David has held a number of non-executive roles during his career in the voluntary sector, including most recently as a Trustee of the Voluntary Organisations Disability Group (VODG), the umbrella group for disability charities across the UK.

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My Body is My Body relies on global volunteers and partners to present the program to children, share with the community, and outreach with other organizations so we can reach even more children. Please contact us if you have any questions about how to get involved.

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