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Welcome to the My Body is My Body (MBIMB) Resource Center. Please sign in or create a new account to unlock a wealth of FREE educational materials. Embracing Multilingual Accessibility, our resources span over 30 languages, guaranteeing universal access and inclusivity for children and communities globally. Whether it's English or Spanish, Mandarin or Swahili, our content is crafted to transcend language barriers, ensuring everyone, everywhere can benefit from our vital message.

Interactive Tutorials and Lesson Plans - Our engaging tutorials are designed to educate both children and adults on crucial safety principles in a friendly, approachable manner.

Children's Workbooks - Discover our collection of children's workbooks, filled with activities and lessons that reinforce the message of body autonomy and safety in an age-appropriate, memorable way.

Informative Flyers - Spread the word in your community with our informative flyers, available for download in multiple languages. These are perfect for schools, community centers, and events, aiding in raising awareness about child safety.

Free resources include:

For Kids

Find body safety rules in multiple languages and resources for kids, including posters on acts of kindness and cyberbullying.

For The Community

How do you talk to kids about child abuse? We have resources for educators, family members, and community leaders to help start the conversation.

For Our Leaders

If you're interested in leading the program or getting involved as an MBIMB ambassador, we have everything you need to prepare.

My body is my body resources

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My Body is My Body relies on global volunteers and partners to professionally translate and create program materials so we can reach even more children. If you can't find your language, consider getting involved by helping create a new language today.

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