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With every purchase of our books from the MBIMB Book Store you contribute more than smiles—you aid in the global effort to educate children on body safety. 100% of all profits from this book support the creation and distribution of the 'My Body is My Body Programme' children's workbooks and flyers in schools and communities around the world.

Eric and his sticky uppy hair

Eric And His Sticky Uppy Hair

Meet Eric, a bright and spirited young boy with a distinctive feature that sets him apart—his "STICKY UPPY" hair. 'All About Eric' is not just a tale of unique hairstyles; it's a heartwarming story of self-acceptance, resilience, and the transformative power of embracing one's individuality.

In this charming book, we journey with Eric as he navigates the choppy waters of childhood teasing and bullying. Through his eyes, we learn the invaluable lesson that what makes us different can become our greatest strength. Eric doesn't just learn to live with his "STICKY UPPY" hair—he owns it, setting a new trend and becoming a role model for self-confidence at school.

Eric and his personal space bubble

Eric And His Personal Space Bubble

Join Eric on a captivating journey as he discovers the concept of personal space in this heartwarming children's book. After learning about personal space at school, Eric excitedly shares his newfound knowledge with his mother, showcasing his very own personal space bubble. With his arms wide open, he twirls around, declaring that nobody can enter his bubble without permission—a lesson in asking for consent.
Through Eric's relatable experiences, young readers will explore the importance of personal boundaries, especially in situations that make them uncomfortable. Eric recounts instances where his boundaries were challenged, like when a classmate invaded his space or when his cousin playfully ruffled his hair without asking. These encounters teach Eric the significance of standing up for his personal space.

MBIMB Children's Workbook

My Body Is My Body
Children's Workbook

Embark on a vital journey of empowerment and safety with the 'My Body is My Body' workbook—a must-have resource for parents and educators aiming to equip children with the understanding of body autonomy and the skills to protect their personal boundaries. This interactive workbook is crafted to communicate crucial lessons about body safety to children in a manner that's both engaging and age-appropriate. It emphasizes the principle that every child's body is their own, delineating private parts and the contexts in which they may be touched—specifically for health or hygiene by trusted caregivers.

With its unique blend of educational content and entertainment, the workbook incorporates catchy songs that resonate with kids, cementing the core messages.

Digital Explorers Discovering The Internet

Welcome to the digital playground! "Digital Discoverers: Young Explorers Navigating The Internet" is the ultimate guide for children stepping into the vast world of the Internet. Written with young readers in mind, this book demystifies the complex web of online networks, making it an enjoyable and educational experience. From the basic workings of the Internet to mastering web navigation and understanding the importance of digital citizenship, this book is a must-have for the next generation of savvy Internet users.

Through a series of nine meticulously crafted lessons, children will be introduced to the core concepts of the Internet, such as web browsers, search engines, and the importance of Internet safety and privacy. With a focus on interactive learning, "Digital Discoverers" makes complex ideas accessible and fun.

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