MBIMB January Newsletter 2024

The January 2024 edition of the MBIMB Newsletter is packed with inspiring stories and updates that showcase the organization’s dedication to child safety and empowerment globally. Highlights include the “My Body is My Body” Programme’s presentation at the Rotary Empowering Girls Initiative, the Holy Family Choir’s wonderful performance and certificate presentation to the children in Cameroon, the successful event by His Grace Orphans Ministry, innovative solutions for mental health and child protection advocacy, and the welcoming of our new ambassadors. This issue highlights MBIMB’s ongoing commitment to spreading its vital message through education, music, and community engagement.

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Empowering Children through the My Body Is My Body Programme: A Complement to the PSHE Curriculum

Adding the My Body is My Body Programme to the PSHE curriculum greatly helps children become informed and resilient. Child safety and well-being are crucial today’s world. Educational initiatives are key in giving children knowledge, skills, and confidence. The My Body Is My Body Programme stands out in this area. It offers an innovative approach to child safety education.


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