A Global Commitment to Child Safety: Celebrating the Rotary Intercountry Committees Partnership with the My Body is My Body Foundation.

Empowering Futures: Rotary International ICC and My Body is My Body Foundation Unite

In a landmark moment for child safety and empowerment, Rotary International’s Intercountry Committees have come together in a historic partnership with the My Body Is My Body Foundation solidified by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in London on the 9th February 2024. The MOU was signed by Rotary International President Gordon McInally, PDG Mohamed Ghammam RI ICC Executive Council, Chairman 2022-2024, PDG Annemarie Mostert Global Ambassador For MBIMB, Ambassador IEP, RI Ambassador Girls Empowerment RI ICC Executive Council For Africa Expansion Region 28.

The repercussions of child abuse extend far beyond its immediate trauma, casting long shadows over the lives of those affected. With over 1 billion children subjected to abuse annually worldwide, the scale of this crisis is staggering. This is not just a matter of individual well-being; it’s a profound societal failure that impacts mental health, emotional resilience, and the social fabric of our future generations. The urgency to act has never been greater. We must forge robust partnerships and embrace innovative solutions through Positive Peace to shield our children from harm. Every child protected is a future brightened, a cycle of violence broken, and a step towards a world where the innocence of childhood is safeguarded with unwavering commitment.

This strategic alliance merges the transformative power of the MBIMB program, renowned for its innovative approach to educating children about body safety through music, with the extensive reach and resources of Rotary’s global network. This partnership is a testament to our shared commitment to safeguarding children’s futures worldwide. Through this collaboration, we are poised to extend our impact, ensuring that children in every corner of the planet have the knowledge and support they need to thrive in a safe environment. The MOU is more than an agreement; it’s a promise to our children of a safer, empowered tomorrow.

Gordon MCNally, Mohamed Ghamman, Chrissy Sykes, Annemarie Mostert
Signing a historic MOU between Rotary International and My Body Is My Body Foundation
From left to right: Annemarie Mostert, Chrissy Sykes, Gordon McInally, Mohamed Ghammam

About Rotary International ICC’s

The Rotary International’s Intercountry Committees (ICCs) serve as a vibrant testament to the power of international collaboration and cultural exchange. Born out of a desire to bridge divides in the aftermath of the world wars, ICCs have evolved into dynamic conduits for peace, fostering deep connections across national boundaries. Their inception, marked by the pioneering France-Germany Committee in 1950, heralded a new era of cross-border partnerships, setting the stage for a global network of cooperation and mutual understanding. These committees have since flourished, creating a tapestry of relationships that spans the globe, with over 600 active committees that bring together districts, clubs, and members from disparate corners of the world. At their core, ICCs embody the Rotary spirit of service above self, driving Rotarians to not only meet but collaborate, merging efforts to champion peace, tolerance, and understanding through shared projects.

Chrissy Sykes MBIMB CEO and Rotary International President Gordon McNally
Gordon McInally (Rotary International President)
and Chrissy Sykes CEO Of MBIMB

About MBIMB (My Body is My Body)

MBIMB’s groundbreaking initiative is making a real difference in communities worldwide. It is a free, internationally acclaimed musical body safety programme supported by ISPCAN, designed to educate children on body safety through engaging age-appropriate music, activities, and animated videos. This program has transformed child abuse prevention education through the magic of music with its 6 animated songs. Conceived 34 years ago by renowned singer/songwriter Chrissy Sykes, in collaboration with the Departments of Education and Human Services in the USA, this remarkable initiative has flourished and reached new heights since Chrissy animated the songs in 2017. It has currently been translated into 27 languages (including ASL) and offers open-source access to its 6 courses, languages, songs and teaching resources.

Child Abuse Prevention

In today’s society, the imperative of child abuse prevention education cannot be overstated. As the most vulnerable members of our communities, children deserve to grow in environments that are not just safe but nurturing, shielding them from the scars of physical harm and psychological trauma. The ramifications of abuse are profound and enduring, affecting a child’s health, emotional wellness, and social development far into the future. It’s about more than safeguarding our young; it’s a vital step towards cultivating healthier generations and breaking the destructive cycles of violence that threaten to perpetuate through time. This mission extends beyond the immediate welfare of individuals, impacting the broader economy by reducing healthcare costs, curtailing lost productivity, and easing the burden on social services. Moreover, child abuse prevention is a cornerstone of social cohesion and equality, ensuring every child, irrespective of their background, has a fighting chance at success. This aligns with global legal frameworks and ethical standards, such as those outlined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, emphasizing a collective responsibility to protect our young. Ultimately, communities untouched by the blight of child abuse flourish—healthier, more vibrant, and supportive—fostering a universal sense of belonging and mutual support. In championing the cause of child abuse prevention, we are not just complying with legal mandates; we are upholding a moral imperative to nurture a world where every child can thrive, free from fear and full of promise.

The Path Forward with Rotary ICC’s

As we stand at the crossroads of hope and action, the collaboration between the My Body Is My Body Foundation and Rotary International’s Intercountry Committees illuminates a path forward in the crusade against child abuse. This partnership, enshrined in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), is not merely a pact between two organizations but a beacon of global solidarity. It underscores a universal commitment to transform the landscape of child safety, leveraging the MBIMB program’s pioneering approach and Rotary’s expansive network to cast a protective embrace around the world’s children. Yet, the journey does not end with signing agreements or launching programs; it begins anew with the involvement of every stakeholder in society. The fight against child abuse demands a collective effort—a chorus of voices advocating for the inviolable right of every child to grow up in a world free from harm. It calls for volunteers to step forward, educators to enlighten, and communities to unite in a shared mission of nurturing safe spaces where children can flourish.

Chrissy Sykes, Mohamed Ghamman, Annemarie Mostert

Chrissy Sykes, PDG Mohamed Ghammam and PDG Annemarie Mostert


The collaboration between the My Body Is My Body Foundation and Rotary International’s Intercountry Committees is a beacon of hope in the fight against child abuse. It demonstrates the power of partnership and the importance of education in safeguarding our children. By joining forces, these organizations are set to make a significant impact on child safety worldwide. As individuals and communities, we have a role to play in supporting this noble cause. Let us all commit to the safety, empowerment and wellbeing of every child, ensuring a brighter future for generations to come.

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