Celebrating Bala Bako: A Beacon of Hope and MBIMB’s Ambassador of the Month

In the heart of this child safety and advocacy shines a beacon of hope. Bala Bako, is a child safety advocate, whose diverse professional journey and unwavering commitment to the well-being of children. This has made him an exemplary Ambassador for the “My Body Is My Body” (MBIMB) Programme. As we spotlight Bala this month, we delve into his remarkable contributions he has had as part of the MBIMB Foundation. MBIMB is a global initiative dedicated to educating children on body safety through engaging, musical, and animated resources.

Bala Bako: A Multifaceted Advocate for Child Safety

Originally born in Nigeria, Bala has charted a path that is as commendable as it is impactful. With a career that transitioned from an Accountant II at the Catholic Education Board in Port Harcourt to a Quality Assurance Analyst at Scelloo Nigeria Limited, Bala’s meticulous attention to detail and analytical skills have been the bedrock of his professional success. However, beyond the confines of corporate achievements, Bala’s heart beats for a more profound cause: the safety and protection of children.

A Passionate Volunteer with a Mission

Bala’s journey as a volunteer with the MBIMB Foundation in the UK underscores his dedication to child abuse prevention. Through this programme, he has been instrumental in sensitizing communities about the importance of body safety, equipping children with the knowledge to identify inappropriate behavior, and empowering them to speak up. In addition, his role as the State Program Coordinator for Hope Ambassadors & Childcare Organization in Bauchi, Nigeria. This further amplifies his commitment to creating safer environments for children. Hope Ambassadors addresses issues from child abuse prevention to hygiene practices and beyond.

Educational Excellence and Advocacy

Bala’s educational background, including a B.Tech (Hons) in Accounting and certifications in Health Safety and Environmental (HSE) standards, complements his advocacy work, offering a solid foundation for his initiatives. A proponent of continuous learning and development, Bala’s leadership skills and financial expertise have been pivotal in his efforts to champion child safety both locally and internationally.

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