MBIMB December Newsletter 2023

MBIMB December 2023 newsletter

What is in this month’s issue

MBIMB December Newsletter 2023 features the groundbreaking journey of the MBIMB project initiated in Malawi by the Yorghas Foundation. This has been gratefully funded by the Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation. It highlights the project’s efforts in reshaping the educational landscape and nurturing a safer, more informed future for children. The newsletter also emphasizes the vision of embedding the project into Malawi’s education system, making it a national beacon of child safety and empowerment. It acknowledges the dedication of teachers, the enthusiasm of the community, and the impact of the project on the children of Malawi. Additionally, it expresses gratitude to the Yorghas Foundation, and the Global Goodwill Ambassadors for their support in initiating the MBIMB Programme in Malawi.

Our MBIMB December Newsletter 2023 also features the wonderful work of Hope Ambassadors, Mujib Hope Foundation, Future Leaders Organisation and MG Worriors and various individuals who have contributed to our cause.

Our features include “Fostering open Communication”, “Children in Orphanage Centres” and “Knowledge is Power – keeping people safe from abuse”

Find out about MBIMB Foundation’s board of directors and advisory board members, along with their respective backgrounds and expertise.

We conclude with a message of hope and gratitude from the MBIMB Foundation’s Board of Directors.

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