My Body is My Body’ Programme: A 5-Step Guide for Schools to Safeguard Children.

Introducing MBIMB Into Your School

Implementing the “My Body is My Body Programme” in schools is a critical step towards safeguarding children and empowering them with knowledge about body safety. Here are five key steps that schools can follow:

Secure Commitment from School Leadership to safeguard children:

Begin by presenting the programme to school principals, administrators, and counselors to secure their commitment. Emphasize the programme’s success worldwide and its adaptability to various educational settings. This programme is being used in over 60 Countries and has been presented to over 2 million children with great success and support from both teachers and parents.

MBIMB Resources to Safeguard Children. We have a useful family safety plan and a full lesson plan which includes all 6 MBIMB songs.
MBIMB Resources to Safeguard Children

Educate and Train the Educators

Teachers and staff should receive training not only on the content of the “My Body is My Body” programme, but also on how to deliver it effectively and sensitively. This can be achieved through our Free Course “How to Present The My Body is My Body Programme” available on the MBIMB Website. Educators can learn about the 6 songs in the programme and how to present them to the children, the signs of abuse, how to foster an environment of trust, and how to encourage children to speak up. There is a full lesson plan for each of the 6 songs including activities.

Have a look at our monthly newsletters that feature wonderful stories from around the world.

Our signs of abuse include, physical, sexual, emotional and neglect which can be used by schools and organisations.

Integrate the Programme into the Curriculum

The programme should be incorporated into the existing curriculum in an age-appropriate manner. For younger children, this might involve integrating musical and animated resources from the programme into classroom activities. For older students, it could include discussions, role-plays, and workshops that encourage open dialogue.
Our Resources are available in 27 languages

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Our MBIMB Quiz, Children's workbooks and flyers are available in many different languages which helps us reach many more children worldwide.

Engage Parents and Caregivers
Host informational sessions and workshops for parents and caregivers to inform them about the programme, its benefits, and how they can reinforce its messages at home. Provide them with resources (all available to download from our website) and support to understand body safety and encourage communication with their children about these vital issues.

MBIMB Free Resources are an integral part of our mission. Using our evaluation resources will help decide the effectiveness of the programme.

Monitor, Evaluate, and Adapt helps with safeguarding children

Monitor the effectiveness of the programme and gather feedback from students, teachers, and parents (Using our Evaluation Tools availabe on our website) Use this feedback to evaluate the programme’s impact. Regular evaluation helps ensure the programme remains relevant, effective, and up-to-date with the best practices in child safety education.

By following these steps, schools can create a safer environment for children which will help them with the knowledge and skills they need to protect themselves. This will also help children communicate effectively about their safety.

The MBIMB Programme wants to ensure that everyone has the correct training so we offer Free Courses to ensure everyone presenting the programme has the correct knowledge

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