7. Program Presenter Next Steps

Would you like to watch our MBIMB Videos in your language on YouTube?
There is a selection of 46 languages to choose from and we will tell you how you can access them.

  1. Play the video you would like to translate.
  2. In the bottom right corner, turn on the closed captions by clicking or tapping on the CC button.
  3. You will see the automatically generated closed captions in English. Then go into settings and click or tap on Auto-translate. 
  4. Now you just need to pick the language that you would like for the subtitles and the tool will automatically translate these captions into your chosen language.

    And that’s it! Enjoy learning about our MBIMB Courses and Programmes in your own language!”

After completing Course 1 and 2, if you would like to go ONE STEP further and receive your “PROGRAM PRESENTER CERTIFICATE” here is the process:

You will need to present a minimum of 3 of the 6 songs in our program to either adults or children, to complete the course The group can be as small or large as you like.

Please try and get your group to interact as much as possible, and remember to keep it fun and upbeat. You will need to include:

1. The introduction of each song- explain the objectives
2. Teach the song to the children/adults.
You can either join in with the singing or you can encourage your audience to do hand movements or dance to have fun as they sing the songs you have taught them. You can send your video files by “Wetransfer.com” which is a free service to chrissy@mbimb.org.

Once we are happy with your presentation you will be awarded your

Thank you so much for choosing to take the My Body is My Body Program; I certainly hope that it will help you take this subject into your communities with confidence. Please keep in touch with your community work so that we can highlight it in our My Body Is My Body Section of the GGA Ambassador Magazine and the MBIMB Newsletter.

A 5-Step Guide for Schools to Safeguard Children.

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As a celebrated singer and songwriter, Chrissy has not only made a name for herself in the music industry, but has also made a positive impact in the field of child welfare. Over 34 years ago, she created the My Body is My Body Programme, in collaboration with the Departments of Education and Human Services in the United States. After travelling the country and successfully presenting the program to over 350,000 children, she saw an opportunity to reach even more children by animating the programme for distribution on the Internet. Today, the program has been translated into 27 languages and has positively impacted over 2 million children in 60 countries through both online and in-person presentations. With the support of the Charities dedicated team of worldwide Ambassadors and Volunteers, MBIMB continues to make a meaningful impact in the world of child protection. Chrissy is committed to creating a safer world for all children. The MBIMB Programme, Courses and Resources are all free of charge to everyone. Thanks to all those who have supported her mission and made it a success. www.mbimb.org MY Body is MY Body Foundation Charity Number 1199901

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