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The Importance Of Asking For Help

When you’re having problems on the internet or if something makes you feel uncomfortable, there are lot’s of people you can ask for help. Here are a few people you can talk to:

Parents or Guardians:

Your mom, dad, or another trusted adult in your family can help you when you’re having trouble on the internet. They care about your safety and can guide you in making the right decisions online.


Your teachers are there to support you, both in the classroom and online. If you have any problems or questions about the internet, they can provide guidance and advice.

School Counselor:

If you’re dealing with cyberbullying or online harassment, the school counselor can provide support and guidance.

Online Safety Helpline:

Some places have special helplines or hotlines dedicated to online safety. So speak to a trusted adult and they will help you call the online safety helpline so you can get advice.

Remember, asking for help is a smart and responsible thing to do. It’s important to talk to a trusted adult whenever you’re having problems or feeling uncomfortable while using the internet. They will help you find solutions and ensure that you stay safe online.

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