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Signs Of Abuse – Physical Abuse


Physical abuse is the intentional act of causing injury to a child. Let’s have a look at what signs to look for:

Child’s Appearance:

  • Look for Unusual bruises, welts, burns or fractures
  • Bite marks
  • Frequent injuries that are always explained as accidental
  • Or If an explanation does not match the injury
  • Also, look for children wearing long sleeves or other concealing clothing to hide injuries especially if the clothing is inappropriate for the type of weather.

Things to look for in a Child’s Behavior: 

  • Unpleasant, hard to get along with 
  • Unusually shy, avoiding other people 
  •  May be too anxious to please
  •  Appears to be afraid of their parents 
  • They may show little or no distress at being separated from their parents
  •  Another indication is if a child flinches or withdraws when you approach them 
  •  Children may also have problems with sleeping or nightmares or bedwetting, takes note of any changes in a child’s behavior as it may be important.
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