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Remember, everyone deserves to feel safe and respected both online and offline.

Don’t respond to the bully:

It’s best not to reply to mean messages or comments. Responding may make the situation worse and gives the bully more power. Ignore their hurtful words.

Save the evidence:

Take screenshots or pictures of the cyberbullying messages or posts.

This can help show what happened when you are trying to get help.

Tell a trusted adult:

Talk to a grown-up you trust, like your parents, teacher, or school counselor.

They can help you handle the situation and support you.

Block or unfriend the bully:

On social media or messaging apps, you can block the person who is cyberbullying you.

This will prevent them from contacting you further.

Report the cyberbullying:

Many websites and apps have options to report bullying.

Tell a grown-up about the cyberbullying and they can help you report it to the right people.

Be an upstander:

If you see someone else being cyberbullied, don’t join in or encourage it. Instead, stand up for the person being bullied and let them know they’re not alone. Tell a grown-up about what’s happening.

Remember, you’re not alone in dealing with cyberbullying. By telling a trusted adult and taking steps to protect yourself, you can help stop cyberbullying and create a safer online environment for everyone.

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