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Navigating The Internet – Activities

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Now, let’s do some exciting activities to get hands-on with what we’ve learned!

Activity 1: Browser Blastoff!

In this activity, you’re going to open a web browser and visit some websites. Get a parent or adult to help you if needed. Try visiting these places:
www.natgeokids.com (To learn about animals)
www.nasa.gov/kidsclub/ (To explore space)
www.funbrain.com (For fun learning games)

Lesson 2 Activities Animals

Activity 2: Search Engine Treasure Hunt

Time for a treasure hunt! Using a search engine (like Google), can you find the answers to these questions? Remember, if you’re not sure about a website, ask an adult for help!
• What is the tallest animal in the world?
• How far is the Moon from the Earth?
• Can you find a recipe for a delicious chocolate cake?

Lesson 2 Activities 1 a

Activity 3: URL Detective

Become a URL Detective! Look at the top of your web browser, and you’ll see the website’s address. Can you write down the URLs of three websites that you visited today?
And that’s the end of our second internet adventure, explorers! Remember to always be safe while navigating the internet and ask an adult if you’re not sure about something. Ready for the next adventure?

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