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Introduction to Child Maltreatment Prevention

Thank you so much for joining the My Body Is My Body Introduction to Child Maltreatment.

In this course we will be covering:

1. Why we need to teach about Maltreatment

2. Worldwide Facts about Maltreatment

3. How Child Maltreatment affects a community’s quality of life and economic prosperity

4. Different Types and Signs of Maltreatment

5. How to react if a child discloses their abuse to you

6. Basics on how to report child abuse

7. How to teach the My Body Is My Body Prevention Program

There are 2 My Body Is My Body Courses –

Course 1: Introduction to Child Maltreatment

Course 2 : How to teach the My Body Is My Body Prevention Program    

This will consist of the 6 Tutorials on how to teach each song as all have different objectives and lessons to keep children safe.

The “My Body is My Body” Program will give you a step by step easy way to approach the subject of safeguarding children through fun animated songs. These tutorials will help you learn how to present the program songs and what to say to the children in a comfortable non-threatening format.

Each song has a .pdf Lesson Tutorial that you can download.

The  .Pdf Includes
1. The main objective of the song
2. Discussion points
3. Activities
4. Lyrics

To receive your My Body is My Body Presenters Certificate
you will need to be involved or work  in one of the following areas:

Social Work,
Community  or Volunteer work With NGO’s,
Working with children in after school activities
Working with children in a sporting capacity
Working with children in other areas.

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