Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Here are the meanings of some important words you will find in our lessons:

Computer – A smart machine that helps us do different tasks, like playing games or doing homework.

Digital device – Modern gadgets that use technology, like smartphones and tablets, for various activities.

Network – When things are connected together, like friends holding hands.

Cable – A thick wire that connects devices, like computers, to work together.

Wi-Fi – A way of connecting to the internet without wires.

Computer network – Many computers connected together, like a big group that can share information.

Internet – A giant web of connected computers all around the world, like a superhighway of information.

Webpage – A special online page with text, pictures, videos, and sounds that we see on a screen.

Website – A collection of webpages that are connected together, like a house with different rooms.

World Wide Web or www – A huge library of websites on the internet, where we find information and explore different places.

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