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The Share-Nots Game

Get some pieces of paper and write the items from the lists below on each piece.

Put all these pieces of paper in a container, like a jar. Then, take each piece of paper out one at a time and think:

Is it okay to tell people this thing about me, or should I keep it private?

This can help you learn what’s safe to share and what’s not.

Safe to Share:Not Safe to Share:
Favorite colorYour full name
Type of pet you have (but not its name)Your home address
Favorite foodYour phone number and Email address
Favorite bookSchool’s name or location
Favorite gamePasswords to any of your accounts
Favorite superheroPictures of yourself or your family without parental permission
Favorite school subjectYour location or where you’re going
Favorite sportYour parents’ full names
Hobby or interestAny financial information,
(like painting, dancing, playing football)like your parents’ credit card or bank details

Dream vacation destination
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