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About The Program

Here is a little information about the My Body Is My Body Program:

The MBIMB Program will give you a different, positive, empowering way to approach the difficult subjects around child abuse and body safety with children, using music and cartoon animations.

The earlier we can teach children about the subject of “Body Safety” the better, and this program works for children from the age of 3, as the program has been presented to over 1 million children around the world with great success.

We as parents, teachers, social workers and members of our communities need to build a strong support system for our children to grow.

The beauty of the My Body Is My Body Program is that it can be taught by anybody. Social workers, teachers, day care providers, parents, after school program providers, sports club organizers and many more.

It is simple, memorable, and opens the channels of communication about the subject of abuse, which is of the utmost importance.

“How do we approach young children about the subject of child abuse?” 

Most adults don’t like to talk about the subject of abuse, and the thought of trying to approach young children in a positive manner can be really difficult. 

The fun songs in this program allow people to engage with children in a simple and positive way. 

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