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Why Do We Need To Teach Child Maltreatment Prevention?

Firstly, why do we need to teach everyone about Child Abuse?

Let’s look at the FACTS:

*According to data from the World Health Organization – Globally up to 1 Billion children have experienced physical, sexual or psychological violence in this past year!!  Now try and comprehend this fact – 1 Billion children have experienced physical, sexual or psychological violence in the past year!! 

We – the adults in this world HAVE to do something about this!

We can not keep turning a blind eye to these statistics. All children have the right to live in an environment that is free from abuse and neglect. This gives children the ability to develop their physical, emotional, educational, and social needs.

The good news is that Child Abuse is preventable.
We have to educate our children, parent our communities, and governments so that we can make changes to these terrible statistics and create a Safer World For All Children.

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