• I promise to be a smart and safe internet user.

• I will follow these rules to protect myself and others while using the internet:

• I will always ask my parents or a trusted adult before going online and follow their

• I will keep my personal information, such as my full name, address, phone number,
and school name, private and not share it with strangers online.

• I will be kind and respectful to others online, just like I am in real life. I will not bully
or hurt anyone with my words or actions.

• I will not share or post photos or videos of myself or others without permission from
my parents or guardians.

• I will only visit safe and trusted websites and games that my parents or teachers
approve of.

• I will never meet or agree to meet anyone from the internet in person without my
parents’ knowledge and permission.

• If I come across something online that makes me uncomfortable or unsure,
I will immediately tell my parents or a trusted adult.

• I will be responsible and follow the rules of the websites, games, and apps I use.

• I will protect my passwords and not share them with anyone, not even my friends.

• I understand that my password is like a secret code to keep my accounts safe.

• I will remember that the internet is a powerful tool for learning, creating, and
connecting with others.

• I will use it responsibly and enjoy my time online in a safe and positive way.

• By taking this internet safety pledge, I promise to be a responsible and safe internet
user, making the internet a better place.

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