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Lesson 6: Strong Passwords

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Creating A Strong Password

Do you know that when you make a password, it’s like creating a secret code that only you should know? It’s like your superhero name that you don’t want the villains to find out!

Here are some ways to create a super-strong secret code or password:

Longer is Stronger:

Your password should be like a secret sentence, not just a single word. Try to make it at least 12 characters long. That’s like a line from your favorite song or a funny joke!

Mix it Up:

Make sure to mix things up. Use uppercase letters (like A, B, C),

lowercase letters (like a, b, c), numbers (like 1, 2, 3), and even symbols (like *, &, #)!

No Personal Info:

Don’t use your name, birth date, or other personal information.

It’s like giving a villain clues about you. We don’t want that!

Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe:

Finally, keep your password a secret. Don’t tell it to anyone, not even your best friend!

Your password is like your superhero identity, and it’s safest if only you know it.

Remember, a strong password is like having a superpower.

It helps protect you and your information from the bad guys!

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