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What are websites?

A website is like a special place on the internet. It’s made up of different web pages that are connected together. Websites can have all sorts of things, like pictures, videos, games, stories, information, and even music!

Just like in the real world, websites have different purposes. Some are for learning, some for entertainment, and some for sharing ideas or selling things.

Navigating a Website:

Websites have menus or buttons to help us move around. These are like signposts that show us where to go. We can click on links or buttons to explore different pages on a website. It’s like opening doors to new rooms full of exciting things. Sometimes, websites have a search bar where we can type in what we’re looking for, just like asking a question to find what we want.

Exploring Website Content:

Websites can be full of amazing content. We can find stories to read, pictures to look at, and videos to watch. Some websites have games we can play, quizzes to test our knowledge, or even interactive activities that make learning super fun.

It’s important to remember that not all websites are meant for children. Some websites might have content that is not suitable for your age.

That’s why it’s always good to have an adult nearby to guide you.

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