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Lesson 1: What Is The Internet?

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Welcome explorers, to the start of your amazing journey through the digital universe!

This first lesson, “Understanding the Internet: What it is and how it works”, is your launchpad into a world full of information, fun, and possibilities.

You’re about to learn what the Internet is, how it works like a giant network connecting people and computers all around the world, and the important parts that make it all happen.

By the end of this lesson, you’ll transform from an internet newbie to an Internet Whiz Kid!

Imagine the internet as a big web that connects millions of computers all around the world.

This web is made up of special lines called cables that stretch across land and under the ocean. These cables allow information to travel really fast from one computer to another.

When you want to do something on the internet, like watch a video or play a game, you use a device like a computer, tablet, or smartphone. This device has something called a web browser that helps you explore the internet.

When you type a website address, like www.mbimb.com, into the web browser and hit enter, your device sends a request through the cables to a special computer called a server. This server holds all the information for that website. The server receives your request and sends back the information you asked for. This information travels back through the cables and arrives on your device.

Then, your device shows you the website or the video you wanted to see!

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