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What Are Pop-Ups?

Pop-ups are like little windows that can suddenly appear when you’re playing a game, reading a story, or looking at a website on the internet. They can show many different things, like adverts for toys, a reminder to do something, or a box asking for your name.

Sometimes, pop-ups can be annoying because they show up when you don’t want them to, just like a little brother or sister coming into your room when you’re busy.

But not all pop-ups are bad. Some are helpful and show you important things you need to know.

But remember, just like you shouldn’t talk to strangers, you shouldn’t click on a pop-up if you don’t know what it is or it looks strange.

Always ask a grown-up if you’re not sure.

• Don’t click on pop-up adverts that promise free things, as they can be tricks.

• Stay on your game or the safe internet site that you are visiting.

• Sometimes pop-ups can also make your computer ill by giving it a virus.

Remember: Always check with a trusted adult if you are unsure if something is safe or not.

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