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Online Safety Basics

Today’s adventure is an essential one. We’re going to learn about staying safe while we explore the internet. It’s important to have fun, but we must also be careful. Are you ready?

Why Internet Safety is Important

The internet is like an amusement park – it has cool videos, games, and places to learn new things, but also some places that aren’t safe for kids.

So we stick to the fun, safe spots, and learn the safety rules.

Online Privacy

Online privacy is all about keeping personal information safe while we’re exploring the internet. Personal information is information that tells people who we are.

It can be your full name, home address, school name, or the city we live in.

It’s really important to protect our personal information, which is like our special secrets, because it helps keep us safe. When we share personal information with the right people, like our parents or teachers, they can help take care of us. But if we share our personal information with strangers or people we don’t know, they might use it in the wrong way. They could pretend to be someone they’re not or try to do things that could hurt us. So, it’s like having a secret treasure that we keep safe and only share with people we trust.

By keeping our personal information private, we can stay safe.

Remember: It’s always best to check with a trusted adult before sharing any information online.

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