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So let’s summarize. Now you know the facts of child maltreatment you will see how very important it is to get this message out into communities. Try to get your community involved, talk to family friends, teachers, community leaders, and anyone that can help get our message out.

Share the “My Body Is My Body” videos, children’s workbook, quiz and other information on your social media and with your community, it’s all free to download and share.

Make sure that your community knows where and how to report abuse.
Put up notices in community areas giving phone numbers and who to call for help.

Check our worldwide helpline numbers:

Print and share the signs of child abuse in community areas and schools to ensure people know what to look for.
Download the Signs of Child Abuse Leaflets

Also, make sure new parents know of any classes or gatherings where they can get support as being a new parent can be very stressful share our songs and videos with as many children as possible let’s empower the children of your community if we can get people talking we can make a difference thank you for joining me. I hope you’ve learned something about how to keep children safe.

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You have officially completed the My Body is My Body Course 1 and as a reward, your Certificate Of Completion is available on the Course introduction page. But the learning doesn’t have to stop here. We have something even more exciting in store for you:

Course 2: How to Teach the My Body Is My Body Prevention Programme.
This course includes detailed tutorials on all 6 songs, complete with lesson plans, a children’s workbook, and a quiz to test your knowledge.

MBIMB Presenters Certificate

Safeguarding Fundamentals
Safeguarding Fundamentals is a comprehensive training course designed to provide a solid understanding of the principles and practices of safeguarding vulnerable individuals, particularly children and young people. The course covers essential topics such as recognizing signs of abuse, reporting procedures, responding to when a child tells you that they have been abused, and creating a safe environment. The Safeguarding Fundamentals course is suitable for anyone who works with children and vulnerable individuals in their personal or professional lives and seeks to develop a practical knowledge of safeguarding. By the end of the course, participants will be equipped with the skills and confidence to take appropriate action to protect children and vulnerable individuals from harm.

It has been an absolute pleasure serving as your guide throughout this course. Together, we have explored the essential steps to keep children safe and protected from harm. As we wrap up, I want to express my gratitude for the incredible work you all do to keep children around the world safe. Your dedication and commitment to this important cause are truly inspiring. Remember, every action you take to safeguard a child can make a world of difference in their life. Keep up the fantastic work, and let’s continue to make the world a safer place for future generations.


Thank you
Chrissy Sykes
MBIMB Foundation

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